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Philosophy In Film

Dec 16, 2023

In this heartwarming episode, we unravel the magic of "Love, Actually" (2003), a romantic masterpiece directed by Richard Curtis. Producer's Notes (7:05) set the scene, with insights into the Bonnie Doon moments that shape the Christmas narrative. The Beauclair Synopsis (19:45) delicately weaves the intertwined lives, creating a tapestry of romance and holiday spirit that even the Grinch would find enchanting. Philosopher's Corner (36:45) takes a phenomenological dive into the concept that love actually is, exploring the always-already nature of affection and invoking Meno by Plato. At the Round Table (46:30), we shoehorn ourselves into discussions, digging into the movie's bromantic elements and navigating the terrain of spirited arguments. Reviews (1:45:22) measure the film's warmth in squirts of butter, a delightful metric of its heartwarming appeal. The Mailbag (1:55:30) celebrates your feedback, a Christmas gift of sorts, adding to the magic of this enchanting cinematic journey. Join us as we celebrate the holidays, love, and the sheer magic that is "Love, Actually."


Beer: Santa's Private Reserve Toffee Chocolate Stout by Rogue Ales brewery.