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Philosophy In Film

Dec 4, 2023

In this introspective episode, we delve into "Into the Wild" (2007), a cinematic journey directed by Sean Penn. Producer's Notes (6:30) kick off our exploration, providing unique insights into local interests and the film's creation. The Beauclair Synopsis (21:15) paints a vivid picture of the transcendental experience, where simplicity and a return to nature shape the narrative. Philosopher's Corner (37:20) we navigate the film's philosophical landscape, where the pursuit of a simpler life takes center stage. At the Round Table (44:30), we delve into the film's profound exploration of a "wild" existence, contemplating whether happiness is shared when one goes back to basics or if it depends on human knowledge and interaction. Reviews (1:34:20) capture the essence of this transcendental journey, while the Mailbag (1:49:11) brings forth engaging discussions on the meaning of happiness and the allure of a life immersed in nature. Join us as we explore the philosophical depths of "Into the Wild" and the profound simplicity it offers.

Featured Beer: Rushing Waters Bohemian Pilsner - Apex Brewing (Edson, Alberta)