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Philosophy In Film

Jun 11, 2024

Episode 84: Anatomy of a Fall

For the 84th episode of Philosophy in Film Podcast, the gang lays down the gavel on Justine Triet's 2023 Palme d'Or-winning film, "Anatomy of a Fall." This gripping legal drama follows a writer accused of her husband's murder as she navigates the complexities of truth and perception. Join us as we interrogate the evidence and cross-examine the narrative with segments including Producer’s Notes (6:43), where Craig opens the case file; the Beauclair Synopsis (15:24), where Alain presents the facts; Philosopher's Corner (30:51), where Chris examines themes of justice and truth; the Round Table Discussion (35:03), where we debate and deliberate over the film's merits; Reviews (1:45:43), where we render our verdicts; and #Mailbag (1:52:06), where we address listener questions and comments. As always, we engage in a discussion of all the philosophical and non-philosophical aspects of the movie that held us in contempt of fascination.

Featured Beer: Take Your Pils by Omen Brewery (Edmonton, Alberta)