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Philosophy In Film

Oct 29, 2023

In this riveting episode, we dissect "Final Destination" (2000), a mind-bending creation by director James Wong. Producer's Notes (8:40) kick off our exploration, revealing Rube Goldberg-like behind-the-scenes details. The Beauclair Synopsis (20:50) paints a thrilling narrative, entwining fate, and the enigmatic concept of living forever vs. death's malevolent designs. Philosopher's Corner (37:51) delves deep into Stoic philosophy, pondering life's 180-degree turns and the intricacies of destiny. At the Round Table (45:19), we unravel the film's intriguing intricacies, where every event feels meticulously designed. Reviews (1:25:08) capture the film's MackDaddy moments, while the Mailbag (1:39:48) invites profound questions about mortality and the human spirit. Join us on this philosophical journey, where questions of fate, free will, and the pursuit of eternity are explored with thought-provoking depth.

Featured Beer: Reaper of Death 4.0 Double New England IPA - by Valley Brewing (Drumheller, Alberta)