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Philosophy In Film

Oct 24, 2023

Episode 73 of Philosphy in Film marks the start of Season 4! In this episode, we explore Straight Story (1999), a cinematic gem by director David Lynch. We start with intriguing insights behind the scenes with Producer's Notes (8:15). Next, we meander and weave through the Beauclair Synopsis (19:15) from start to finish. Philosopher's Corner (23:55) delves into profound themes, inviting contemplation and paints a vivid, enigmatic picture. The Round Table (36:18) navigates the film's emotional depth, evoking introspection yet misunderstanding humour. Listen to the diverse Reviews (1:15:07) as we measure the film's subtle brilliance alongside its regrets. Lastly, the Mailbag (1:26:46) sparks engaging discussions and legal theories. Join us on this cinematic journey, where every moment is a revelation.

Featured Beer: Nowhere Fast - by Town Square Brewing Co. (Edmonton, Alberta)