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Philosophy In Film

Aug 10, 2023

Philosophy in Film wraps up our 3rd season in style with this very special episode featuring the summer smash hit: Barbie! In this episode, the gang dives into their old toy chest to delve into the decades-popular toy as she hits the big screen. Driven by an all-star cast, Barbie brings with her a passionate discourse amongst film-goers, as well as an unexpectedly meaningful philosophical glimpse at gender dialogue. Wetting their whistles with an appropriately paired beverage, Producer’s Notes leads the charge (8:19), followed by the Beauclair Synopsis (23:04), The Philosopher's Corner (29:46), with the Round Table taking a voyage (40:04) between Barbieland and the real world. Next up hitting the stage is Beauclair’s cover of Aqua’s 1997 hit Barbie Girl (72:08), with Reviews (87:10) and Mailbag (99:02) bringing us back home. As always and with pleasure, we engage in a discussion of all the philosophical and non-philosophical aspects of the film that push you a-round.


Featured Beer: Eye Candy Cherry Sour by SYC Brewing Company (Edmonton, Alberta)