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Philosophy In Film

Jun 27, 2023

The 70th installment of Philosophy in Film features our heroes traveling back to 1936, with Steven Speilberg’s blockbuster 1981 film: Indiana Jones & The Raiders of the Lost Ark! With the beloved archeologist at their side, the gang embarks on a quest to find philosophical meaning behind one of the most storied franchises in cinema history, driven by segments like Producer’s Notes (5:45), the Beauclair Synopsis (15:26), Philosopher's Corner (26:21), the Round Table Discussion (31:54), narrowly escaping back to Reviews (71:31), and topping it all off with the face-melting #Mailbag (78:45). As always, we engage in a discussion of all the philosophical and non-philosophical aspects of the movie that belong in a museum!

Featured Beer: The Great Daylight Spectrum Pale Ale by Snake Lake Brewing Company (Sylvan Lake, Alberta)